How to create a Collection

Zegami is a web based data visualisation tool for large collections of images and data. To get started all you need is some data and some images.

Download example Nations of the World data set

Known Limitations

During this limited beta period there are a number of features which are either limited or have been disabled.

If there are any features that you think are missing or could be improved, please let us know either via our Slack group or by email

Tagging and Annotations

Tagging and annotations are currently disabled. Tagging is planned to be enabled shortly, while annotations will be unavailable while we conduct user research on its usefulness. If you have any feedback specifically on annotations, please get in contact.

Multiple image sources

Multiple image sources are not supported in the current release. We are currently investigating how we can make multiple image sources, especially multispectral and multidimensional images available in Zegami.

Default image

It’s not possible to define a default image. For collections with undefined or missing images a grey tile will instead be displayed.

Public Collections

Collections are private by default and are not available to make public at this stage. Finer grained user permissions are currently planned for general release.

Large Image Uploads

Uploading large images can sometimes crash the browser. We are working on providing a command line tool for large file support which will also support automated image uploads.

Collection Security

All collections are available to all signed in users (but not public).

Advanced Panel

In the previous version of Zegami the advanced panel is used to customise the user interface per collection. This has been removed for now mostly because it was difficult to use. Future releases will allow for similar levels of customisation.