Creating your first collection

In this guide we will go through creating a collection.

Prepare your data

The first step in creating a successful Zegami collection is to prepare a data file that can be used as the basis of your collection.

Zegami supports flat files in Excel (.xlsx), Comma separated (.csv) or Tab separated (.tsv) format. The data just need to be arranged in rows and columns, where the first row is the names of the columns.

It's important to note that there must be a column in the data set that contains the file names of the images. In the example data file the column is called ImageName and contains the names of each corresponding image. For example Flag_of_Australia.jpg.

You can download an example file and images from here.

Create and set the details

To get started, first click the  icon from within your collection workspace to build a new collection in it.

Give the collection a name. For example, for this data set this can be "Nations of the world". You can also add a description, including the data sources, any URLs and images which can help better describe the collection and its purpose.

Click NEXT to continue.

Upload the data file

The next step is to upload the data file. Either drag and drop the file on the drop target or click the button to open a file browser.

Once the data file has uploaded, click NEXT to continue.

Configure the columns

The Column Options page allows you to configure which columns are shown in Zegami and in which order. For this guide we will skip this section, instead scroll to the bottom on the page and click NEXT to continue.

Upload images

The final step is to select the column that contains the name of the images and then upload the images.

First the data column that contains the image names needs to be set. In our example data set this column is called ImageName. Select this column from the drop down list.

Now that's set, either drop the images onto the drop target or click the browse button to upload the images.

Once the upload has finished click the COMPLETE button to create the collection.

Viewing the collection

Once the collection has been created it is almost ready to be viewed, but first it must finish processing.

Zegami processes image collections into a format that is optimised for viewing. This is how Zegami is able to display so many images fast. Sometimes this processing can take a few minutes and can be monitored by looking at the progress bar below the collections card.

When processing is complete, click the card to view the collection!