Snapshots in Zegami are a way to save the current view and active filters, so that they can be viewed later or shared with other users.

This can be a useful way of saving a particular filter of interest, so the items can be referred to later. It's worth noting that a snapshot only saves the active filters, for example, a filter which gives us the numerical range of values between 1 and 5. If the data is updated for a collection with snapshots, new items that also have a value between 1 and 5 will also be displayed.

Creating a Snapshot

To create a snapshot of the current view and filter click the Snapshots button on the left-hand side toolbar and enter a name to identify the snapshot with.

Click Generate Snapshot to generate a snapshot of the current filtered view.

Viewing a Snapshot

Previously created snapshots can be viewed and selected by clicking the Snapshots button on the left-hand side toolbar.

A list of snapshots is displayed. Clicking on a given snapshot's name will apply the respective filters to the collection and update the current collection view.

Sharing a Snapshot

When a snapshot is created a unique url is also generated. This url can be shared so that users can view the collection with a given number of filters applied.

To copy the url into the clipboard, open the Snapshots menu and click the link icon   next to the snapshot's name.